Our Maiden Voyage at City Winery NYC 1-29-17

Walking on stage and seeing the crowd at City Winery NYC last week was nothing short of astonishing.  A packed room filled with people who had all come to celebrate the extraordinary genius of Laura Nyro and her music.  We opened the show with Laura's live arrangement of "Sweet Blindness" and glided through the rest of the afternoon sharing her music with all our friends and fans.  Our two special guest artists, Bette Sussman and Robbie Kondor did Laura's music proud.  Bette, better known as a brilliant keyboard player, stepped out from behind the keys and showed the crowd her soulful voice as she sang a duet of "Emmie" with Diane.  A little later on Robbie put his signature style on one of our most favorite Laura tunes, "Mother's Spiritual."  We were so honored to have both of them perform with us.  The afternoon went by too quickly, but when it was all over we felt elated by the warm reception and standing ovation from the wonderful people in the audience.  We will never forget that great afternoon.  Thank you everyone who came to the show.  And thanks also to the City Winery and staff.  We can't imagine a better place to celebrate the art and soul of Laura Nyro ... and we hope to be back to do it again soon!

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